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Travis, Chris, Brianna, Ryan, Harry, Teagan, Olivia, Amanda, Patrick and of course, me - Amaya! 

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Kids who wrote to support  the NE cottontail...   

NE cottontails are easy prey for coyotes and foxes - at least compared to their more adaptable introduced cousin, the Eastern cottontail.And while New England cottontail numbers are considered so low they could go extinct, they are still waiting to be placed on the federal endangered species list.The New England cottontail's historic range has dropped some 86 percent since around 1960. They have not been seen in Vermont since 1971 and Maine's numbers are estimated at less than 300. The animals are also found in eastern New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.The cottontail’s biggest problem is the loss of their habitat – the large patches of early regenerated forests often called thickets.

                                      Please  save  the  rabbits!!!!!!!!!!!!

from, One of our friends  

                                         I think my friend got this document from another website. Although I can not be sure please remember this when you read.


New England cottontails were recently were added to the endangered list.  There are two kinds of cottontails in NH.  The cottontails eat grass, leaves, wild flowers and non woody plants in the summer.  In the 1960’s these rabbits were found through out the southern and central NH.
Please Help These Rabbits !!!   



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