Welcome to NECottontail.com...

  ...a place for information and resources on New England's only native rabbit:  the New England Cottontail. 

The New England Cottontails need our help.  

As New England's overgrown fields have been increasingly plowed under to make way for more roads and houses, our only native rabbit has lost the habitat it requires to live.  Through the years, their numbers have been significantly diminished, and without some serious changes, New England Cottontails may soon disappear from the New England landscape altogether.

Have You Seen This Rabbit?
NE Cottontails are often confused with their look-alike cousins, the Eastern Cottontail, a more plentiful, but non-native species. 

And while we're happy that the Eastern is doing well, make no mistake: our only native rabbit - the New England Cottontail - is not.

This site is an effort to provide information about the NE Cottontail, including how to develop or maintain supporting habitat, legislative efforts to protect the species, and people and organizations that are leading the fight to save this rabbit species before it's too late.

This website - NECottontail.com - was the brainchild of a girl named Amaya.  When she was seven, Amaya learned about the rabbit's plight and wanted to make a difference.  So she reached out to some of the best people working to help this species survive, and they responded with amazing warmth and seriousness. 

Amaya's older now, and works to keep the site current and up to date.   We hope that with this site, we can help make a difference for this, the only rabbit native to New England.

If you are involved in some way with the fight to save the New England Cottontail, or have photos you'd like to add to our gallery, please drop us a line.   We'd love to hear from you.

Want to Help? 

If you'd like to make a difference, we welcome your donations.  Each year, we'll give all donations to the organization that we feel can use it best to create habitat, provide educational materials and so forth.  This website is a labor of love and we're not in it for the money -- we don't keep ANY donations for ourselves.

To join the family of people donating to important NE Cottontail causes, log into your paypal account and send a donation to info@necottontail.com.  If you'd prefer to donate in some other way, contact us by email.

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